Where we are

What happened to the Democrat Party we once knew?  The fight to provide health care for everyone started with Franklin Roosevelt and continued for decades.  Now, the DNC cannot even agree to include universal health care in the platform.  Likewise, the minimum wage has been severely eroded by inflation but the DNC will not support increasing the minimum wage to a living wage.  The list goes on.

The American people and more specifically Democrats must decide where we are heading as a people and as Democrats.  Are we satisfied that millions cannot afford health care or with the 40 year decline of the lower and middle class with nearly all income growth going to the top 5 percent?

Democrats need to return to their core principles and fight for these and many other true democratic aspirations.

A Progressive Democratic Agenda

Bernie Sanders won the 2016 Indiana Primary.  His win in Indiana was due largely to Democrats longing for a return to progressive democratic principles and strong grassroots efforts in our state.  My son Brian and I put together a Rally for Bernie in Chesterton that drew about 400 people even though Bernie could not make it.  It was also due in part to the concerns of democrats with the neo-liberal direction of the party.

For over 30 years Bernie Sanders has been fighting for issues that were well accepted mainstream democratic causes that for some reason are now only tolerated by the DNC.

I urge you to view Bernie's positions at berniesanders.com.



What we can do

It is time for a change.  We must take the money out of elections.  The 1st District of Indiana is a majority Democrat District.  There is no reason for our representative to raise massive campaign funds.  Yet, our current representative will raise about 1 million dollars this year the same as was raised in past election cycles.  The majority of that money (over 60%) is from large corporations and political action committees based outside Indiana.

We need a strong leader that will fight for progressive democratic values.  Again, the 1st District is a safe democratic district.  Likewise, there is no reason a democrat representative in our district cannot stand up for issues that effect our district and also the country.  This is more important than ever in the current political climate.

My Commitment

I pledge not to accept contributions from Political Action Committees, Corporations or special interest groups.  Public confidence in Congress and government is at an all time low.  Much this distrust stems from the massive contributions from PAC's, corporations and special interest groups especially when those donors are from outside the District.  Our current representative is an example of exactly this problem.

I believe it is critical to the success of our region to fight for each of the following causes and I will pledge to work diligently on all of them.  We have a set of important causes in our District such as:  Supporting the steel industry, supporting unions and union workers, supporting economic development and transportation as well as protecting our shoreline.

Notwithstanding the above, our First District Representative must do much more.  The plight of working families that are trying to survive on two incomes at low wages.  The millions of working families that have no health insurance at work and cannot afford to buy insurance even with the ACA.  The high cost of college education, and many more.  We deserve a representative that will speak out and fight for these and other problems that effect us and much of the country.  I pledge to do just that.